Raising Pomeranian Puppy

Bred With Love Shown With Pride.

Peace and quiet – a Pomeranian shouldn't be kept inside all his life

Your Pomeranian may be housebroken, obedient, enjoys a variety of toys, healthy and in general behaves very well. That's great, so what else does it need? Some dog owners are completely unaware that their dog would gladly take up other activities.

Dogs are fantastic creatures. They are as smart as a two and a half-year-old human child and it has been proven they have a range of feelings, from enthusiasm, through happiness and of course love. They are extremely curious and can understand approximately 165 words on average. Therefore, dogs are very open to learn and extend their experience. When their world is expanded, it satisfies their investigative character and enables them to become acquainted with various types of humans, events and situation. This leads to a more balanced, relaxed dog.

Take your Pomeranian to new places. You can take it to the beach, the market, shopping malls, new parks etc. Go out for a walk that is not too exhausting. Have a picnic on the riverside. Visit the local flea market or farmers' market. Take a walk in the woods.

Play educational games. Hide a tasty snack under three overturned mugs and encourage your Pom to find it. Get a puzzle and teach your dog to move handles with its mouth and press buttons with its paw in order to earn a reward. Turn its life into a satisfying learning experience.

Many people believe their Pomeranian doesn't need to go on walks because it is quite active at home and they think it is satisfied. Sometimes there's a feeling that it's useless to take it for a walk.

However, regular physical activity has a lot of advantages:
* Strong Bones
* Muscle maintenance
* Develops stronger connective tissues that support joints
* Good for the heart
* Facilitates better operation of the digestive system
* Prevents various diseases
* The best way to release energy that may lead to a sense of restlessness, nervousness or boredom
* Allows the dog to use its senses – scent, vision, hearing – improving its spirit and behavior
* Exposes the dog to situations and items it doesn't encounter at home.

Therefore, taking your dog for a 20-minute walk twice a day definitely has its benefits and it is also an opportunity to teach it to walk on a leash properly.

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