Pomeranian Teddy Bear Boo – what is it?

Bred With Love Shown With Pride

"The world's cutest dog", that is how the figure of a small Pomeranian that underwent a haircut that expresses its round face and turns it into even more attractive than that of a dog that didn't undergo this treatment.

Teddy bear is of course the cute and familiar children's toy, a character that accompanies children for the past century, taking it with them everywhere, sleeping with it and what not. Every child is attracted to the soft and woolly bear and every parent is filled with joy watching a child with its teddy bear.

Smart distributors decided to exploit the human tendency to be attracted to animals that have a baby face. A woman named Irene Ahan holds a key position in the Facebook Company finance department. It took the character of Boo, opened its own Facebook page and promoted the page and the character it displayed using the various means at her disposal as a company employee.

In Israel too, dog traders who have nothing to do with good quality breeding began to use this character. They groom the dogs on sale in the same way and sell them for huge sums.

The question is arises whether it is a good idea to turn a dog into a teddy bear. It is actually a haircut that involves shaving the dog's coat. The coat is actually one of the major characteristics of the Pomeranian breed, a good quality coat composed of a soft protective under layer and a harsher exterior layer that protects the body from the weather.

Shaping the overcoat does not hurt the dog and only creates the rounded form attributed to the breed. On the other hand, in order to obtain the teddy bear look the undercoat also has to be shaved and that's a totally different story.

First of all, after it is shaved, the coat will not grow back in uniform fashion and will be have to be restyled within a month. This means going to a groomer who takes good money for it. The other option is to shave the entire dog ourselves, but then we may injure it because the dog will not be willing to stand still for any length of time. In any case, the coat will never get back to its natural state.

Furthermore, and even worse, the coat isolates the dog from climatic conditions, both heat and cold. A shaved dog may suffer from the heat in Israel to a point where it requires medical treatment. And finally, shaven dogs sometimes exhibit unstable behavior.

The considerations in buying a dog in general and a Pomeranian in particular must be based on health and character. You can easily get used to the dog's external form if it has a cute character. A true breeder, one who breeds pedigree dogs, pays attention to these details and offers puppies that perhaps don't look exactly like dolls but are able to provide their owners with happiness and pleasure for many years to come, free of diseases.

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