Pomeranian Dog

Bred With Love Shown With Pride

Pom, Pommy, Pomeranian – where do all these names come from?

The Pomeranian is first and foremost the miniature German Spitz, one of five varieties of the same breed that differ from one another mainly in size and coat color.

Its name is derived from the region of Pomerania in central Europe that now lies in north Poland and eastern Germany. Although it was not developed in this region, this is where the dogs in the form we are familiar with were first bred.

Due to its small size and happy, vibrant temperament, the Pomeranian became a family and companion dog back in the reign of different monarchs. In 1757, Queen Charlotte, wife of King George the Third, brought two Poms to England. A hundred years later, Queen Victoria owned a particularly small dog of this breed, causing all those who took an example from her to look for similar dogs.

The search for the diminutive size also brought various nicknames. The name Pom, is of course short for its relatively long formal name, Po-me-ra-ni-an. In various places it is also called Pommy, not to be confused with the Hungarian Pumi.

Another nickname for the breed is Pompom, a version of the original name but also the large round tassels carried by American cheerleaders, that somehow resemble the dog's shape.

Two relatively new nicknames are Boo and Teddy Bear.

Boo comes from a Pomeranian that became an Internet sensation. Known for his short haircut, he has a popular Facebook page and is the subject of four photo books. It has a rounded head, small ears, round eyes and a cute, small nose. Nowadays one can find Boo dolls dressed in different outfits too.

The other marketing nickname is Pomeranian Teddy Bear. It naturally raises the image of a cuddly, furry doll that children love to hug, signifying a cute dog that is fun to pat and cuddle with.

However, the most important thing about the Pomeranian is not its nicknames but the fact that it should be bought from a responsible breeder who ensures its physical and mental health so you can bring into your home a cute and healthy dog whose company you can enjoy for many years. The people who give the dogs they are trying to sell various nicknames are usually traders and people who lack conscience trying to make a profit at your expense.


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