Pomeranian Character

Bred With Love Shown With Pride

Pomeranian Temperament
Although weighing at hardly two kilos, the Pomeranian has a much greater personality. They are curious, dogs, aware and interested in everything that happens around them. They often prefer to sit on the windowsill from which they are able to observe the entire neighborhood, and tend to bark when someone passes near the house. They love attention and in many cases behave in a mischievous manner in order to attract the attention they desire. The Pomeranian is quite suitable for active adults that are able to dedicate their entire time and energy to their dog.

Pomeranian activity
The Pomeranian is able to lead a good life in a home of any size. It is small enough to live in an apartment but is also active enough to enjoy life in a large house. It needs a daily walk in order to spend energy and help keep him under control at home too. It loves running and will gladly go out to the park several times a week. The Pomeranian needs to occupy its head. It is a smart breed and without supervision engages in various tricks and may sometimes cause damage. That is why some Pomeranian owners enter their dogs for agility training that engages both its mind and its body.

Training a Pomeranian puppy
Some say the Pomeranian is not easy to train. It wants to be the boss and is unwilling to obey what others tell him to do. It is obstinate, domineering, manipulative and requires gentle but determinate leadership. Many owners decide not to train their dog because it is a small dog with a charming nature, but the best way to train a dog is consistency. There is no reason for a Pomeranian to be unruly. It can be trained and learn to behave properly. It responds well to food as well as praise and enthusiastic encouragement. Training sessions should be short, but the dog should never be the one to decide when to end it.

Socialization at the proper age is of extreme importance, leading to a well-adjusted dog. It is shy of strangers by nature and this may get worse and even turn into fear or aggression if not prevented. The puppy must learn that new people, unfamiliar animals and new situations are actually one exciting adventure. After it learns who its leader is and manages to attain basic training, the Pomeranian may also be taught to take part in agility. It is an agile dog that loves using its brain and despite its obstinacy will enjoy the opportunity to enhance its relationship with its owner as well as the physical activity involved.

Personality traits
Pomeranians are not ideal for families with small children. It is possessive with toys and food and may bite small children that do not know how to respect its boundaries. It demands a lot of attention and may be jealous of children who draw attention from it.

People tend to be over-protective of their Pomeranian because of its tiny dimensions, but that is not desirable. An over-protected Pomeranian may become quite nervous. It should learn to be independent. It should go for walks on its own feet at the end of a leash instead of in your arms and should encounter people and other animals in order to learn how to get along with them properly.

The Pomeranian reacts to everything and anyone vocally and it is quite difficult to prevent him from barking, even by training. Proper socialization and adequate physical activity may reduce barking but Pomeranian owners agree it is a generally vocal dog and its owners require patience, even though it's hard not to fall in love with this charming dog.

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