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How to Buy a Good Quality Pomeranian?
Let's begin with a question – why should you buy a pure-bred dog?
The answer is clear, purebred puppies allow you to foresee what your dog will look like and behave when it grows up, reducing uncertainty. You will be able to know what color it will be, what its coat will look like, how big, how it will behave and if it may develop specific health issues. All this is impossible to tell in a non-pure-bred puppy.

What, then, is a pure-bred dog?
A pure-bred dog is one that is born to pure-bred parents with official pedigrees and it too has a pedigree. Pure-bred Poms should have all the properties that characterize the breed – small size, fluffy coat, sweet and loveable – and also as healthy as possible so you can enjoy its company for many years to come.

Are there differences between dogs within a specific breed?
Of course there are. In humans, too, you can notice differences between children that belong to the same family, not to mention people who come from a particular region and have common characteristics but one can definitely tell them apart. And we don't mean nicknames such as Teddy Bear or Boo, but dogs that come in a slightly different color, head that is not the same in shape, body length or tail that are not exactly like other dogs within the breed, and they are all considered pure-bred.

Is it wise to buy a dog from pictures on the internet?
Absolutely not! Particularly if you cannot get into your car and drive over to see the dog in person, as well as its mother, brothers and perhaps its father too. Pictures can be misleading. They do not show size, character or health. There are many ways to hide defects in pictures (did anyone say Photoshop?). If you don't meet the breeder, you will not be able to know how the puppy you plan to adopt has been raised. Has it been kept in good, clean and healthy conditions or in dirty, miserable cages?

Yes, but this website also presents photos, does that mean I shouldn't buy from you either?
The difference has been explained in the previous answer. We are presenting our dogs in pictures that have not been altered. Besides that, we will not sell you a dog online, only if you come over and allow us to determine whether you really should adopt a Pomeranian.

And what makes your dogs better in quality?
Our attention to proper raising, feeding and treatment of our adult dogs and the puppies born in our home. Our membership in the Israeli Kennel Club and the fact we uphold all the health, behavioral and structural demands they set.

So, if one of the dogs on sale here catches your eye, please contact us and schedule a visit so you can meet it in person.

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